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62 - TitleGenerating a Dynamic Decision System for English Preparation Classes
AuthorsOnur Kardeş, Beykent Universitesi
Ege Kipman, Beykent Universitesi
PC MemberNo
Contact personOnur Kardeş,, +902128726432-286
Main Fields12. Üniversite Bilişim Sistemleri
Other Main Fields
Abstract + KeywordsAbstract
In Beykent University, there are several levels in the English Preparation Classes, and the students can either pass or fail the level according to their grades. But this decision is done by using strict and constant formulas.

In this study, we aimed to develop a more flexible decision system, which can vary with different teachers, levels or in different years. For this purpose the Expectation-Maximization clustering algorithm is used. Moreover, 3 different dimensionality reduction techniques (Forward Search, PCA and LDA) are used for obtaining input for EM algorithm.

In the end of the study, the results of EM algorithm for all 3 methods are shown and their results are compared with the original results.

Dimensionality Reduction, Clustering, Decision Making

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