Akademik Bilisim 2007

Öneri Özeti

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Name: Zekerya BATUR
Country: Turkey
Email: zekeryabatur9__at__gmail.com

Author #2
Name: Mehmet AKSÜT
Country: Turkey
Email: mehmet_aksut__at__mynet.com

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KeywordsCommunication, Adolescent, Family, Violence
AbstractThe subject of whether the development of the communication between humans occurs according to technological developments has still been discussing.By what,when,where, how,with whom and in what way should the communication be done?How much does the technology develop the communication or handicap the communication? What have the communication means and equipments which have developed fast in the information age; contributed to the communication between individuals and society in real sense?

Though there is an idea that there is the effect of technological developments in the basis of resent violent incidents that have been lived at schools; it has been seen that the real reason is different.It has been expressed continuously that means and equipments devoted to communication affect people very much and these affect cause social depression and this social depression cause conflicts between people.People’s revelation of some violent show which they have inclination through internet, has caused to hold communication in another dimension.The opinion of especially adolescent people are affected from internet, is quite impressive.
It is seen that adolescent people are in critical age both agely and in psychological conditions they are in.Though the adolescent people’s communication problems and dilemmas with families, schools, environment and friends are the continuous subject of the searches and discussions;it is very difficult to say that there is a concrete solution to prevent the violence or about the subject of violence.
The universe of the research consists of 2000 students who study at high schools and colleges.The subject group consists of 150 male and 150 female students.Through survey it is interpreted by asking students 25 open ended questions.
At the end of the research, the targets and handicaps which are placed in front of the adolescents by the families and environment are seen as the cause of some problems and problem of non-communication.The family sees the adolescent as the slave of the exams and presents him/her a rectangle surrounded for the next ten years by special course, school, home and exams.The main sources of the violence are determined as seeing the adolescent as the slave of the exams and abstraction from the society they live in because of the prepration of the exams; moreover than mass communication means, internet or television.The frame which has been drawn for the adolescent is seen as the main factor which must be taken into account.It is seen that some basic needs of the adolescent such as socialization and communication have been disregarded by caught in the current of the speed of the exam-special course from the begining of the first step of the primary school.Contrary to the expressions, it has been seen that internet has a positive effect on socialization of the adolescent.
Topics• İnternetin Toplumsal Boyutları
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