Akademik Bilisim 2007

Öneri Özeti

Title E-devlet ve Bilgi Teknolojilerin Stratejik Yönetimi
Author(s)Author #1
Name: Nuri Temur
Org: TNP
Country: TR
Email: ntemur__at__hotmail.com

Other Author(s)
KeywordsE-Government, Digital Government, Project Management, Strategic Management
AbstractStrategic Management of Information Technologies in Public Sector
Successful implementation of E-Government projects in government agencies is hindered by the lack of taking a strategic perspective to the management of information technologies. For example, in The Government of United States, an all-times leader of information technologies, 92 percent of Federal E-Government projects did not meet the objectives within the projected schedule and the budget. Drawing on the lessons learned around the globe, this paper posits that strategic management is an effective tool for smooth implementation of E-Government projects. Following the literature review in both E-Government implementation and strategic management, E-Government projects are mapped into strategic management concepts to uncover the role of strategic management in public sector information technology management. The paper concludes with policy suggestions for practitioners and new perspectives for researchers of public sector information technology management.
Topics• e-devlet, kamu yönetimi ve yönetişim
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