Akademik Bilisim 2007

Öneri Özeti

TitleBilgisayar Ağ Sistemleri Güvenliği
Author(s)Author #1
Name: erhan kahya
Org: namık kemal üniversitesi meslek yüksekokulu
Email: ekahya__at__trakya.edu.tr

Other Author(s)
KeywordsComputer network,hacker,attack
AbstractThe secrecy, originality and integrity of information processing which can not be given up in today’s life is under a continuous attack . These systems are always being attacked by hackers and they are trying to get the stored information. Therefore big firms and personal users make big investments against these attacks. Because of the big investments ,the economy of the country is in danger of great losses.Taking some legal actions against attacks has decreased the number of attacks to some extent.
Topics• Bilgi ve Bilişim Güvenliği
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