Akademik Bilisim 2008

Öneri Özeti

TitleKablosuz Erişim noktalarına yapılan DoS saldırıları
Author(s)Author #1
Name: Deniz Mertkan GEZGİN
Org: Trakya Üniversitesi
Country: Türkiye
Email: mertkan__at__trakya.edu.tr

Author #2
Name: Ercan BULUŞ
Org: Trakya Üniversitesi
Country: Türkiye
Email: ercanb__at__trakya.edu.tr

Other Author(s)
KeywordsAccess Point, Denial of Service, Attack Schemes, 802.11, Wired Equivalent Privacy, Wireless Networks
AbstractRecently, wireless networks are used widely. This raise in using these networks brings some problems. The most important problem is providing the security of these networks. The attacks to get the security of these networks are increased. When the attcks examinde, it is seen that the main purpose of these attacks is expending the memory sources of the access points (AP) used in wireless networks. As a result of this, the attackers can easily get the control of the Access point device and use it for their aims. In this study, the attack types named Dos(Denial of Service) are classified and examined with the help of the flow charts.
Topics• Mobil Aglar ve Uygulamalar
• Güvenlik Sistemleri
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