Akademik Bilisim 2008

Öneri Özeti

Author(s)Author #1
Name: Başak Oğuz
Org: Akdeniz University
Country: Turkey
Email: basakoguz__at__akdeniz.edu.tr

Author #2
Name: Neşe Zayim
Org: Akdeniz University
Country: Turkey
Email: nzayim__at__akdeniz.edu.tr

Author #3
Name: Deniz Özel
Org: Akdeniz University
Country: Turkey
Email: denizozel__at__akdeniz.edu.tr

Author #4
Name: Osman Saka
Org: Akdeniz University
Country: Turkey
Email: saka__at__akdeniz.edu.tr

Other Author(s)
KeywordsComputer technology, internet, internet addiction
AbstractParallel to the developments in technology, internet usage and computer skills have been inevitable necessities, but this advances in technology and communication bring new risks while increasing life quality. Internet addiction is one of them. Beginning from mid 90’s, internet addiction began to attract the attention of clinicians applying with variety of symptoms like unlimited internet usage despite academical and social failures and feeling excessive anxiety when internet access is not possible.
The purpose of this study is to find the pattern of internet usage of student and determine the factors that make internet usage pathologic. Questionnaire method were applied to the students to obtain their demographic features and patterns of internet usage. Davis’s Online Cognition Scale were used to measure the effects of internet usage to the behavior and attitude of students. 183 of 187 students have responded the questionnaire, including 71 (% 44) female, 112 (%56) male. The mean of year of their internet usage is 5.1, students who have a computer were measured 130 (% 71) and who have internet access are 98 (% 53.6). Also the student who had computer in their living environment had higher scale scores compared to the others. Thus their addiction potential were also estimated to be higher. In addition, the score of students who generally use internet to play game, chat and chat with a webcam has been determined higher from others.

Topics• Tıp Bilişimi
• Internetin Toplumsal Boyutlari
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