Akademik Bilisim 2009

TitleImproving Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions: a process management experience in Italian Universities
Author(s)Author #1
Name: Fabrizio Luglio
Org: CINECA, Interuniversity Consortium,Bologna, Italy
Country: Italy
Email: f.luglio__at__cineca.it

Author #2
Name: Nicola Bertazzoni
Org: CINECA, Interuniversity Consortium,Bologna, Italy
Country: Italy
Email: n.bertazzoni__at__cineca.it

Other Author(s)
Keywordsinformation systems, applications, university, administration, research, projects, publications, assessment, management
AbstractScientific Research is one of the core pillars on which Higher Education Institutions are built and operate; its effective governance is a mission-critical task and an ever-important competitive factor for Universities today. The aim of this paper is to share the experience of Italian Universities in managing Research processes, through a supporting software system developed by CINECA, the leading Italian interuniversity consortium, called U-GOV Research; a system that supports the structured management of the projects life-cycle, by collecting, storing, publishing, and evaluating the internal scientific research production of a University.
Topics Araştırma ve Innovasyon Ağları, 7. Çerceve ve Teknoparklar
Üniversite Bilişim Sistemleri
Eğitimin Yönetimi ve Bilişim
presentation will be in english
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