Akademik Bilisim 2009

TitleSymbian İşletim Sistemi
Author(s)Author #1
Name: Ahmet Kaya
Org: Ege Üniversitesi
Country: Turkey
Email: ahmet.kaya__at__ege.edu.tr

Other Author(s)
KeywordsSymbian, J2ME, Mobil Operating Systems.
AbstractSymbian OS is a operating systems which is manufactured by symbian firm. Symbian Os, was enhanced based on EPOC system. In this study, Symbian operating systems, which is used for mobile phones, a device that necessary and inevitable for our life, needs minimum memoıy space and maximum operating speed for effective usage will be introduced. Moreover, an alternative for a symbian, actually it must be used for amateurish aims, J2ME is also advertised. After some comparisons have been given for tangible inferences between Symbian and J2ME.
Topics Yazılım Geliştirme Ortamları
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