Akademik Bilisim 2009

TitleWeb 2.0; Open Opportunities for Turkish Universities
Author(s)Author #1
Name: Ahmet Baytak
Org: Penn State University
Country: United States
Email: axb964__at__psu.edu

Other Author(s)
Keywordsweb 2.0, wiki, open source, collaboration, social networking, student-centered learning. Socialcultural Theory
AbstractThe purpose of this paper is giving an overview of web 2.0 and open sources technologies in educational settings. The paper focuses specifically on implementing these tools in higher education. After giving some cases in universities around the world, the paper will give suggestions to implement these technologies in Turkish Universities to improve students learning.
Topics Yeni Internet teknolojileri
Web.20 ve Sosyal Ağlar
Wiki, RSS ve Birlikte Çalışma Ortamları
Açık Kaynak Ders Araçları
Note to Editor: For my presentations, some actual web 2.0 applications will be presented to audience. 
Thanks  AB 

Submission 8.pdf (56KB)


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