Akademik Bilişim 2010 - Muğla Üniversitesi

Title Online Educational Forums
Author(s) Author #1
Name : Sumeyye Tuncbilek
Org : Istanbul Bilgi University
Country : Turkey
Email : sumeyyetncblk__at__gmail.com

Author #2
Name : Gizem Ozpogda
Org : Istanbul Bilgi University
Country : Turkey
Email : gizem_ozpogda__at__hotmail.com

Other Author(s)
Keywords university education online forums
Abstract This paper researches the uses of online educational forums by university students at an Istanbul university campus. It analyses which departments use them, why students rely on them, which types are used, and how they are used. In surveys, students are also asked if they believe their school performances are improved by the use of these forums. Finally, the paper theorizes the impact forums are having on higher education in Turkey.
Topics • İnternet ve Sosyal Bilimler