Akademik Bilişim 2010 - Muğla Üniversitesi

Title Probing Cognitive Biases in Virtual Worlds: Second Life Case Study
Author(s) Author #1
Name : Zeynep Kaya
Org : Istanbul Bilgi University
Country : Turkey
Email : zeynnepgokcen__at__gmail.com

Author #2
Name : Temmuz Gurbuz
Org : Istanbul Bilgi University
Country : Turkey
Email : temmuzsr__at__gmail.com

Other Author(s)
Keywords cognitive biases social virtual world
Abstract Two researchers spent 115 hours playing Second Life, getting involved in social situations and dialogues with other players. These researchers were looking for the transfer of cognitive biases that exist in physical social setting that could exist in the virtual setting. This is the first research of its kind and seeks to only take the temperature of cognitive biases. Specific biases that were observed were in-group biases, out-group biases, and stereotyping.
Topics • İnternet ve Sosyal Bilimler