Akademik Bilişim 2010 - Muğla Üniversitesi

Title Tag a Tune'un Oyuncu Üzerindeki Etkileri
Author(s) Author #1
Name : Feyza Seda Yılmaz
Org : İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi
Country : Turkey
Email : fsyilmaz__at__cs.bilgi.edu.tr

Other Author(s)
Keywords GWAP, tag, human computer interaction, Tag a tune, collective intelegence
Abstract The purpose of GWAP(games with a purpose) is gathering data over collective intelegance, to train computers. However, Tag a Tune differs form the others where providing a chance to players to improve their auditory skills, by just playing. At this point two questions arise: "how can the value of these acquisitions, that Tag a Tune maintains, be measured?" and "what are the patterns of this learning process?". This paper suggest a way to answer these questions: collecting data from one group which is made up from ones who have music background and another one which is made up by arbitrary people, and next, assuming Tag a Tune's collected data is reliable, comparing two groups' tags. This study firstly show us the difference of ability to give acceptable tags between two groups and then, what kind of learning patterns emerge on duration of players participating in the game. As a conclusion this work will provide a valuable information in the aspect of how GWAP repays to the contributors.
Topics • İnternet ve Sosyal Bilimler
• İnternet ve Sanat