Akademik Bilişim 2010 - Muğla Üniversitesi

Title Semantically Linking/Extracting and Processing the University Network Data in Turkey
Author(s) Author #1
Name : Uğur Çekmez
Org : İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi
Country : Turkey
Email : ucekmez__at__cs.bilgi.edu.tr

Other Author(s)
Keywords linkeddata, rdf, university network, web of data
Abstract This study demonstrates a methodology to crawl web pages and extract the structured data. The project handles linked data model to examine interlinking open data on the web and extracting the structured data from the web pages to make them reusable. Essentially, since the term linked data refers to the smart structured data which can be understood by the agents on the servers, firstly it will be examined to be able to understand what is it and how is it published. After that the issues about using the structured data will be discussed. In this respect a term ontology is touched upon to tell how is the structured data arranged to a formal representation, then the university ontology will be referred to deepen the explanation. According to the progresses on the project, the aim will be moving to process the structured data in which type it is expected to get university information such as extracting universities' location, faculty, student information and determining the relation in between each university in the respect of specific criteria. This study is interested in the universities in Turkey and the explanations in the work supplies suggestions about how to increase relations in between universities in Turkey.
Topics • Semantik Web ve Xml