Akademik Bilişim 2011 - İnönü Üniversitesi

Başlık:Electronic Guidance System in Agriculture
Yazar(lar):Yazar #1
Ad Soyad: Arif Behiç TEKİN
Kurum: Ege University
Ülke: Turkey
E-Posta: behic.tekin__at__ege.edu.tr

Yazar #2
Ad Soyad: Çimen Demirel
Kurum: Ege University
Ülke: Turkey
E-Posta: cimen_demirel__at__hotmail.com

Yazar #3
Ad Soyad: Gülden Özgünaltay
Kurum: Ege University
Ülke: Turkey
E-Posta: gulden526__at__hotmail.com

Anahtar Kelimeler:ICT, Electronic Guidance, GPS
Özet:Abstract: Nowadays, more yield and more income concerns of farmers with limited land resources, results in taking into account the using of new technology in production. Developments in microprocessors and other electronic equipment have made it possible to be able to reach their goals. This new approach to agricultural production, "Electronic Guidance" will be among the other new technologies which are fast taken place. Today, with the development of machine/tool with larger working width and faster field working speed, the operator’s task of guiding the vehicle along precisely parallel paths or swaths has become increasingly more difficult. In this aspect, modern guidance systems are being developed and serving to farmers. In this study, modern “electronic guidance” systems will be explained and future developments and expectations will be summarized.
Konu(lar):E-tarım, Tarımsal Bilişim