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BaşlıkSecurity & Cloud
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Name: Oya Şanlı
Org: Paydeg
Country: TR
E-mail: paydeg_AT_paydeg.com
Diğer Yazar(lar)05324857398
Anahtar KelimelerCloud Computing Security Trust education partnership Responsibility split
ÖzetSUMMARY What is Cloud computing? Who has control over what? What are the benefits? What are the potential issues? Why security is needed? What are the security principles? Why is security tough? What are the advantages and challenges of cloud computing in terms of security? Where is the best place for my data? Cloud security scenarios. What we may learn from scenarios? This document tries to answer these questions while giving some real life examples. These examples may give the idea of our perspective of security and how can we deal with security in the cloud. This document also tries to compare security issues in the cloud and via some scenarios it also tries to give information how to prevent them. Too often?and for too many organizations?diminished budgets have resulted in degraded security programs. Risks are neither well understood nor properly addressed. The number of security incidents is on the rise. To be effective, security must be integral to the way people think and work, not merely an afterthought or another item to be checked off a list.
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