18. Akademik Bilisim Konferansi

BaşlıkGömülü Web Sunucusuyla Internet Tabanlı Denetim Uygulaması
Yazar(lar) Yazar 1
Name: Yalcin Albayrak
Org: Akdeniz Üniversitesi
Country: TR
E-mail: yalbayrak_AT_akdeniz.edu.tr

Yazar 2
Name: Seçkin Şen
Org: Akdeniz Üniversitesi
Country: TR
E-mail: sckn.sen_AT_gmail.com

Yazar 3
Name: Batuhan Bulut
Org: Akdeniz Üniversitesi
Country: TR
E-mail: bthn.bulut_AT_gmail.com
Anahtar Kelimelerİnternet based Control, Embedded System, Web Server, Android
ÖzetIn the recent time, Internet has begun to be part of our lives with development and expansion of information technology systems. Many computer systems are connected by the Internet to each other and an ever-growing global communications network. At the same time, people are growing with each passing day "knowledge storage / sharing and access it easily" requests is a technology that emerged in the aftermath of requests. Thanks to this technology, people can obtain the information cheap, fast and are able to access in a safe way. Today's technology comes the point that, web browser or mobile device to access the embedded systems and sensor data and control offers the ability to make intelligent. This study is an Internet-based application that has a less costly control hardware from the computer acts as the web server was designed using Microchip PIC18F4620 microcontroller unit of the company, ENC28J60 Ethernet controller has been carried out by local and global network data exchange and via web browser and Android operating system smartphones whether it requires access to the web server, control and inspection operations have been performed.
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