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AuthorsAlp Yörük, Işık Üniversitesi
Murat Ferman, Işık Üniversitesi
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Contact personAlp Yörük,, 212-2862960-1024
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Other Main FieldsDikey bir internet portal'ı olan'un 1.5 yıllık çalışmalarından elde edilen birikimler
Abstract + KeywordsPortals have been providing content and becoming a dependable reference base in recent years. Portals have the potential to be the most competitive agents of the Internet. Greatly benefiting from the capabilities of the new media, Portals attracted great levels of popularity and are candidates to become the most extensive publication of any kind. As wireless devices are becoming more commonly used, many people heavily depend on Portals for reaching up to date information and benefit from rich data reservoir. It is quiet realistic to state that in a short time period the information will be generated, shared and flow all digitally.

It is certain that Portals offer great opportunities for digital information suppliers however for an entrepreneur to build and develop a content providing resource which has the potential to become competitive reference base, there are some factors to be considered. has been developed with a keen interest on user needs and expectations in Turkish technology markets with high intention of providing actual, practical, objective and experience-based format model approach. Although there is room for improvement, the portal has managed to gain a favorable position in the industry, in less then a year.

The portals do have the high potential to serve as the most effective agents of softening the “Digital Divide“ in current times.

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