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68 - TitleA new aspect of sentence boundary detection method for Turkish
AuthorsOzlem Aktas, Dokuz eylul university computer engineering department
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Contact personOzlem Aktas,, 2323736040
Main Fields
Other Main FieldsDoğal Dil İşleme
Abstract + Keywords“Natural Language Processing” (NLP) is a research area that is used for many different purposes and it becomes more popular continuously. Speech syntheses, speech recognition, machine translation, spelling correction are some of the application of NLP. For determining a language’s morphological specialties, it is needed to generate a corpus that represents the language and make some statistical and morphological analysis on it. The first step of generating such corpus is sentence boundary detection. This process is very complicated and hard to solve, but since it is the most important part of the generating corpus. In this work, new method is developed to solve sentence boundary problem. The abbreviation list and rules generated for the sentence boundary detection are stored in an XML file; these files had provided successive results in sentence boundary detection. This new method will help researchers by separating sentences correctly and efficiently, about means of time and other costs.

Keywords: Natural language processing, Turkish corpus, morphological analysis, sentence boundary detection.

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